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what’s your “average” period between serious relationships? It is not uncommon these days for the grievances of unhappy customers and ex-employees to be played out by maliciously reviewing businesses online. No, because it’s not always possible and Yelp and other Review Sites like Google, Facebook, Rip Off Report, BBB, etc., all have the right (in the USA) to legally store and display user-created content without being liable for its content.There is a fine line between constructive reviews based in fact and malicious lying based on nothing but anger. Long story short, they don’t have to remove anything if they don’t want to, with a few exceptions., Facebook, Yellow Pages, YMLP and other review and map sites.I understand that you had a bad experience at Cafe Hook SEO last week. If the reviewer sounds like a whiner, completely unreasonable or says something that makes them seem stupid, don’t reply. Note: this is where the “helpful” and “not helpful” buttons on most review sites come in.

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