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Based on this property Grid View decided the number of pages to be shown in the pager control.Regarding this property two points are to be remembered: You can either set the value of this property equal to the total number of records in the database or you can also set some reasonable count number when the database is very large that satisfies the preceding two conditions.(Switch to the Visual Basic tutorial.) The default-paging option of a data presentation control is unsuitable when working with large amounts of data, as its underlying data-source control retrieves all records, even though only a subset of data is displayed.In such circumstances, we must turn to custom paging.

This topic assumes that you are familiar with the , the outer panel is not refreshed when only the inner panel is triggered.

While the user interface for custom paging is identical to that for default paging, stepping from one page to the next using custom paging can be several orders of magnitude faster than default paging.

Note: The exact performance gain exhibited by custom paging depends on the total number of records being paged through and the load being placed on the database server.

The question is whether the radajaxmanager is part of Telerik Rad Grid Helper Class.

Scott Mitchell April 2007 Summary: This is the Visual C# tutorial.

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