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However, this doesn't seem to have worked since the old man died three days later.According to the information, he was following a custom of his Tharu community, which holds that an old man who regrows teeth must take a dog as a bride.However, because marrying an animal is illegal in Germany, the 39-year-old Mitzscherlich had to stage the bizarre ceremony, which he paid an actress US$ 395 to officiate.Actress Christin-Maria Lohri asked him to say "I do" and Cecilia to say "meow" before pronouncing them man and cat-wife.The television personality Jerry Springer tried to unravel the mystery of these relations on his talk-show in 1998.However, he failed because talking about zoophilia seemed too outrageous for some TV directors. Ngurah Alit, an 18-year-old Balinese teenager, was caught in the act of intercourse with a cow after claiming that it had flirted with him.Joseph Guiso and Honey were "joined in matrimony" at Toowoomba's Laurel Bank Park in Australia - and the real surprise is that 30 friends and family members turned up to witness the event.

When Lagerfeld is not at home, the maids write down everything she does in little books so he can catch up on it later.

In February 2006, Charles Tombe, a Sudanese man, was forced to take a goat as his "wife" and pay to the goat owner a dowry of 15,000 Sudanese dinars (US) after he was caught having sex with the animal.

In December 2010, Joseph Guiso, a 20-year-old Australian man, married his best friend, a five-year-old Labrador.

My dad was kind, faithful, and loyal to my mum, and he never let her down.

I've been in relationships with so many men, and they are all the same: skirt-chasers and cheaters.

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    The copyright statements and licenses applicable to the open source software components distributed in v Sphere 5.5 are available at on the Open Source tab.

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