Eom or end of month dating is the same as dating advice for grad students

Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you succeed.Free 5-day trial After watching this video lesson, you will understand some of the key terms that companies use on the invoices that they send to you.You bought several pairs of shoes and this really nice jacket to go with the shoes.The reason you purchased from this company is that they said you didn't have to pay right away.

These terms may also be referred to in a variety of terms: 2/10 n 45, 2/10 n 60, 2/10 days net 30, 2 percent 10 net 30 days.Companies use these terms to encourage early payment of the invoice.If paid early, the company gives a two percent discount! The customer gets a discount and the company gets paid.This is essential when vendors have accounts receivable turnover cycles which exist longer than preferred.A business that offers a 2/10 net 30 discount is expressing that it is more important to have cash as quickly as possible than it is to have the full amount of their payable.

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