Dating a really skinny guy

Having been fat for the best part of 15 years, I can say in that time, not a single woman looked at me in a way that showed any kind of desire whatsoever.

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I've never really had a double-chin, and was often confused for being in shape (LMAO! I'm also not one of the guys who is mostly muscle, and naturally strong... I definitely "took one for the team" a few times, but I didn't just take whatever came my way.

Come to think of it, I can't say I've seen them date short fat dudes. I just think most women have to prefer fit guys and only take fatter dudes when that is all they can get. Me, as a fit man, would never date a girl that weighed more than I do. Women are overwhelmingly disgusted & repulsed by overweight men.

Most men it my friend group wouldn't be caught dead with a bigger girl. Nah brah, that's definitely how it is for all of us fat brahs. Of course, I genuinely see more fat black/mixed brahs with smaller women than other races... That being said, I have talked to a few women that thought that I would be easier to them thinking they were "out of my league," but going to North Carolina on 'em was very satisfying. Some women may make exceptions based on wealth & status etc, often the guy started out looking good then let themselves go or there is some other quality that they hold in higher regard however if they had the choice of the same guy being fat or skinny unless they have some sort of fetish for fat dudes (that would be a miniscule amount of women) then they would prefer the skinny version of him.

) I won't sacrifice body at all, but why should I when I care about/work on mine? If you're a manlet and fact, resign yourself to the fate of jacking off daily.

I am so not interested in someone who doesn't do the same But, generally speaking, chicks don't dig fatties. I have yet to see a fat guy and cute girl together on campus.

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