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However, Thursday (June 29) I got in over my head on one that had mud and deep ruts. We did some paved roads, had lunch in Sussex NB and then decided to revisit a dirt road that Paul and I had started to do earlier this spring but turned away because it was still too early in the year.

In case you didnt know, mud and deep ruts are evil, especially if you are riding a heavy bike. This time it looked a lot better and we were progressing very well in 2nd and 3rd gear ...

Made it thru just a few curves, came around a corner and found traffic at a stand still: Accident of some kind. This will be another Grnarrowe/Ears lengthy ride report.

We will cover 13 states, 10 Tour of Honor sites, 9 National parks, 4 National Monuments, 1 National Historic Site, 1 State park and a giant Chicken.(These numbers may change as I write this and remember that we stopped elsewhere.)So, you may be asking how this trip came about.

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Headed north out of Parma on my faithful Guzzi to our first night's stay on the shores of Lake Garda Lago d'Idrio I had arrived while the Mille Miglia was being run.Stopped at the Gap Wa Wa to gas up and clean up.897 was fun as always, except when one side of my new smoked visor popped off on one side.Got off route a little bit after that until Gold Mine Ro...There are 15 days in all, and I have finished up Days 1-7 so far. Me and 3 buds did another long weekend trip from FL to NC/TN and back.Me and my ZRX bud trailered ours; 2 FJR buds rode theirs.

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