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Since this article first appeared on the RVR website, it has proved to be one of the most frequently accessed and popular features, and I am delighted Geoffrey, now approaching the age of 85, and without a computer, has managed to respond to the many requests for an extension.

It is with much sadness that I have learnt that RVR Member, Oldham Old Hulmeian and close friend Geoffrey Hilditch, passed away on 20th June 2014, aged 88 years.

From there he came back to the position for which he is probably best remembered in these parts, General Manager Halifax 1963-74.

It was wartime, and, in the evenings, the bus fleet was strategically scattered to reduce the afte- effects of possible bombing. Geoffrey has admitted that he has had a life-long interest in transport, in particular trams, a hobby, which sometimes interfered with his school studies, and, after leaving school in 1942, he started work at the LNER Gorton works, progressing upwards and sideways to become Transport Manager for Halifax, as well as Great Yarmouth, Leicester, and other transport authorities, and, to a certain extent, culminating with several years being spent in Whitehall working with the Ministry of Tranport under Nicholas Ridley, during which time he was responsible for the concept of improving disabled access and transportation of wheelchairs on "low-level" buses.In his later years, he has written many books about his experiences in transport, as chief engineer and later manager, and in a style, often with wry humour, that can be appreciated by those with no particular interest in transport.One place, chosen to park some of the fleet, was an area of waste ground opposite the house in Oldham, where the family was then living.Geoffrey preferred to concentrate on the buses rather than on his school work.

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    Police said the arrest was made after officers and dogs scoured the festival site, but it is not being linked to the death at this stage.